The Service
By purchasing FundPASS, you will receive Same-Day Processing of your application for small business financing. “Processing” includes but may not be limited to: (i) creating a secure, digital file containing all of your application data and supporting documentation; (ii) performing initial file review; (iii) conducting funding provider match; (iv) preparing submission package; and (v) submitting your file to targeted funding providers.

Processing will be completed on the same-day that all required documents are received by us, including your digitally-signed application and all supporting documentation per the application instructions. Any files received after 3:00 PM ET will be processed by 12:00 PM ET the following business day.

Refund Conditions
If we receive your completed application package and are unable to qualify you for one of our products, we will offer you a refund of your FundPASS purchase price. To qualify for one of our products, you must meet the minimum eligibility criteria for at least one funding program we offer. If you qualify for a product, it does not necessarily mean that you will receive an approval for funding. No refund will be given if we are unable to obtain an approval after submitting your qualified file to one or more funding providers.

If we determine at any point that you have provided materially false information or submitted fraudulent documentation, we reserve the right to immediately terminate service and no refund will be given.

Credit Toward Closing Costs
In the event that you complete a financing transaction through one of our providers, we will credit the amount of your FundPASS purchase price toward any closing costs due to us per the Merchant Service Agreement.

Other Terms
FundPASS is subject to our website Terms of Service and our Merchant Service Agreement. We reserve the right to refuse FundPASS service to anyone at our sole discretion. Once your file has been processed and submitted to our funding provider(s), our obligations with respect to your FundPASS purchase have been fulfilled. We do not offer any guarantee of success in obtaining financing approval for you. Similarly, we make no representation regarding the amount of time it may take for a funding provider to issue an approval or complete a financing transaction. We make no warranties, whether express or implied, including any warranties of fitness for a particular purpose. Our liability under any circumstances shall not exceed your FundPASS purchase price.