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Invoice Factoring

Also known as accounts receivable or A/R financing, invoice factoring works by advancing you funds based off invoices you’re waiting to be paid on. A factoring company processes your business application and determines the amount they are comfortable advancing to you. Once approved, the factor typically intercepts payment for overdue invoices, acting as a collector on your behalf and remitting payment after taking their pre-approved fees.

Who Can Benefit From Invoice Factoring?

Invoice factoring is ideal for merchants that experience a lag in receiving payment from their clients (60-90+ days), or any business owner that struggles to collect on their receivables, and it can be one of the faster forms of alternative financing.

Do I Qualify for Invoice Factoring?

Invoice factoring can be ideal for credit-challenged merchants, as approval is based more on the credit worthiness of your clients than on you or your business. However, you must provide goods or services to other businesses (B2B), as consumer (B2C) invoices may not be factored.

How Do I Apply for Invoice Factoring?

Applying for invoice factoring is easy! Just complete our quick and simple  online application and upload your three most recent business bank statements along with the invoices you’re looking to finance. You may also be required to provide an accounts receivable (A/R) aging report and a list of your top customers. Once received, a member of our staff will contact you to review and discuss your financing options!